Put Cuba on Top of Your Travel Bucket List, and We Will Give You Reasons Why You Should

The history between the United States and Cuba isn’t the best, to be honest. A socialist paradise so close to the borders of the Free World and the so-called beacon of democracy? No way! Let’s try to assassinate Fidel Castro over and over again. Ups! None of our 600 assassination attempts were a success. Cuba is still a socialist country with a unique view of the world — pretty much opposite to ours.


Still, those times are well behind us. Fidel is no more — he died of old age. And ever since 2014, diplomatic relations between the two countries are a thing once again. Many American tourists fill hotels over Havana and other places across this beautiful country, hoping to see what makes Cuba such a paradise. In the following paragraphs, we’ll list some facts about Cuba’s tourism.

Let’s Talk About Cuba First

Before we get into

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6 foods and drinks you need to try in Cuba

Cigars, vintage cars, and music come to mind when people think of Cuba – not the food. On the biggest island in the Caribbean, food shortages and a lack of spices have created a reputation for bland, boring dishes. But the proliferation of privately owned restaurants, known as paladares, and a growing organic farming movement are revolutionizing the way people, especially visitors, eat in Cuba. It may not yet be a culinary destination in its own right, but you can leave the hot sauce at home.

A smart way to eat in Cuba is to stick with Cuban staples. Chefs who experiment with other cuisines – like French, Italian or Indian – often don’t have authentic ingredients stocked. At the very least, eating local food means you’ll never go hungry. From sweet street snacks like churros to the national dish ropa vieja, Cuban cuisine is nothing if not filling. And …

How I became a tour guide

Seven years ago, Michael Dillinger was in search of a way to make some extra money so he chose to get licensed as a tour guide in New York to show visitors around his home state.

Little did he know, giving tours would be the most fun he’d ever had working any job.

“The city that I’ve been in my entire life, I get to see it through their eyes,” he says. “I get to experience it new every time.”

Fast forward to today Dillinger, who serves as the vice president of the Guides Association of New York City (GANYC), has turned that second job into his full-time profession. Now, he not only spends his days giving tours of New York, but he also travels to places like Prague and elsewhere, to see how the industry has evolved.

The travel and tourism business is one of the largest industries in …

27 Cuba Travel Tips – Things To Know Before You Visit

Looking for Cuba travel tips? We’ve got you covered!

We know, it’s one of those destinations that you’re always telling yourself ‘one day I’ll visit Cuba’.

Going to Cuba is on so many of our friends’ bucket lists yet very few of them seem to be close to getting there.

I’m not going to lie to you – Cuba­ is not an easy place to travel to. There are a handful of countries where you can fly direct to Havana from, so the hurdles go up immediately.

Can Americans go to Cuba?

Yes, you can now travel to Cuba from USA and fly to Havana direct from the States, but flights are hard to come by and will always be the most expensive option.

There are also quite a few rules about traveling to Cuba that put people off.

What’s more, there seems to be very little helpful Cuba information …

Why hire a local tour guide in Cuba?

Even if you’ve never traveled with a guide before, it’s worth considering it when you come to Cuba. Read on to find out why.

There is no place in the world like Cuba. That’s what makes it such an incredible place to visit but it’s also the reason why some visitors have a bit of a culture shock when they arrive! Even the most seasoned travelers can struggle when they get here which is why so many people choose a personalised tour with a local guide. Here are our top three reasons for hiring a local guide like Danny and making sure you have a brilliant time on your trip to Cuba.

Reason 1
Travel in Cuba

The transport infrastructure of Cuba is very limited. What are your options for intercity travel? Firstly, Viazaul. This bus service is designed for foreigners, although plenty of Cubans use it too. Buses can …